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Treat every ear ache right


Ear aches are the pits. It’s never fun to see kids cranky, feverish, and pulling at their ears. And worst of all, it’s hard to tell if they need medication or just cuddles and rest.

With Edus Health’s app, a standard mobile phone can tell if there is fluid in the ear that requires fitting in a doctor visit, or if medication won’t help. With Edus, you can be sure to treat every ear ache right.


Sometimes bunnies help more than medicine



That’s how many people get antibiotic resistant infections each year in the US. And the CDC says that these numbers are getting worse.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria thrive when people take antibiotics they don’t really need. The medication kills off some of the bacteria, leaving room for the resistant ones to thrive. It’s a scary cycle.

We have to be careful about how we use antibiotics to avoid going back to the pre-penicillin days. Ear aches are a good place to start: people thinking they have ear infections when they really just have an ear ache are one of the top reasons for antibiotic overuse. Lets break the cycle.


A phone can really do this


Three steps. Easy peasy.

  1. Clip the waveguide to your phone’s speaker (you can make a waveguide yourself if you want)

  2. Hold it up to the ear for some magic (our Science Translational Medicine paper talks about how it sends acoustic pings that bounce back to help the phone identify fluid)

  3. Know whether to call the doctor or just keep the cuddles going


Not yet available for commercial use.

 Our Company


Edus Health spun out of the University of Washington as a result of technologists (from the Computer Science department) and ENT doctors (from the medical school) working together. The company is seed funded and is working towards a first regulatory clearance for its groundbreaking app.



Justin Chan, MS


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